TOS Romulan BoP

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Re: TOS Romulan BoP

Postby MSgtUSAFRet » Fri Jan 13, 2017 1:35 pm

el gato wrote:Outstanding! Amazing! Seriously you did a fantastic job! :drool:

Bummer about the decals, but in a way it worked out for the best. With that paint job, your RBOP is 100% yours. Your work, your creativity, your vision. Awesome!

Thanks, El Gato! Thanks for the kind words! Yep it’s all mine!

mophius wrote:Very nice Steve. I hope I do as well with my first lighting kit.


Thanks, Mo! It was really scary at first, but once all the lights came on, it came to life! Never give up! :D

Tesral wrote:Impressive build indeed. I hope the model lasts a while.

Thanks, Tesral, me too! I put the resistors in for a 12V power supply and am running it on 9V, so, as far as the lights, I should be good. Plus, I don’t have any cats or small children to knock it off so I don’t see why it wouldn’t last a few years at least!

tdwi66 wrote:Outstanding work, and what a remarkable build! Bravo Steve!!! :D

Thanks, Tom! I appreciate the awesome words!

andyh wrote:You should be very proud of your achievement.

You still make models twice as quickly as I can get them done ;)


Thanks, Andy! Sometime slow is better! More time to get it right! :lol:

Thanks, Guys for the wonderful feedback! I hope to jump back on my NSEA Protector soon!

For the Praetor’s Glory! (Sounds like a good name for the ship!)


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