2017 Group Build (So You Broke Your Little Ships)

Fan Organized "Just For Fun" Group Build
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2017 Group Build (So You Broke Your Little Ships)

Postby MEATLOAFr » Wed May 17, 2017 10:28 pm

Time to start getting ready for our next build - broken/destroyed ships.

2017 Group Build Rules
June 1st to December 31st, with voting until January 31st
Broken / Destroyed Ships of Trek
    Ships heavily battle worn, slapping a "burn mark" on it just won't cut it

Main Catorgories:
    Kit Bash:
      Made from any kits/materials, but must be recognizable as a ship
      Any use of parts from one ship to make a new ship (resin or styrene mixed)
    Pre-made add-ons:
      Any purchased add-on pre-made resin parts added to standard kit parts
      Conversion/add-on kits fit into this area
    OOB to "trash" :
      Any standard kit (resin or styrene) made to look destroyed or heavily damaged
      Any standard kit (styrene or resin) made straight from the box - minor "improvements" are allowed
    Kits with lighting:
      No holds barred - anything goes
      GO NUTS - put everyone else to shame

Please announce your interest in participation here.

Also, looking for people to donate items for the winners.

So far the list for prizes are:
    1) 5 full pages (for winner to decide of what) of decals that I will print
if you want to keep your prize confidential just PM me the information

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Re: 2017 Group Build (So You Broke Your Little Ships)

Postby Xen » Sat May 20, 2017 11:28 pm

I have done my best to do a little tidying up. Have at it and enjoy! :)

N.B. I don't deal with much beyond a quick scan at the site and posts. I will (try) and do something if it's put in front of me (i.e. a PM), but life is just a foggy fubar situation.

That is why Scotchyn has access and authority to run AST and serve our community (and get a hold of me if there is a major problem of some kind).

I'm only now catching things (new bugs reports, forum requests etc) that I miss these days. Does no one contact him about these things? I'm not being snarky here. I'm just trying to work out what's going on.

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