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Build Lists

Postby Griffworks » Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:29 am

So, am I the only modeler here who keeps a fairly detailed list of what they've built, are working on, plan to build, and what's in their stash?

Yes? :shock:

No...? :(

Ok. I feel a little awkward, then.... :|

Anyhow, here's my list of in-progress and planned builds. As always, the planned builds list is an ever-changing thing. I've changed a few things, mostly adding to it. Tho, I have removed a planned build or two over the last couple months. Sad to say, I currently have nothing finished in 1/1000.

Built, not-yet-complete:

Akyazi-class PA Akyazi, NCC-1010
Alert-class Surprise, NCC-919
Archer-class Scout Archer, NCC-19
. Sagittarius, NCC-19
Asuka-class DH Asuka, NCC-2160
Barton-class Tesla, NCC-1891
Belknap-class CS Raan, NCC-2519
Coventry-class Socorro, NCC-1231
Daran-class Daran, NCC-3201
Defiant-class Defiant, NX-74205
Detroyat-class Breckenridge, NCC-1104
Endeavour-class Endeavour, NCC-1716
Enterprise-class Lexington, NCC-1703
Potemkin, NCC-1711
K-Series Station Station Epsilon XIII
Larson-class Ramses, NCC-4335
Lawrence-class Wichita, NCC-2212
Loknar-class Chicago, NCC-2738
Miranda-class Reliant, NCC-1864
Oberth-class Von Braun, NCC-1978
Peregrine-class Eagle, NCC-1969
Phase II Constitution, NCC-1700
Regula-type Regula One
Space Station Gamma 13

Federation Civilian:
Class III Fuel Carrier Kobayashi Maru, NCF-241167

Klingon Empire
B'rel-class Scout 1
D-4 1
D-7A Klolode 1
D-7L - Gr'oth 1
D-7M K't'inga-class 2
D-8 Goz'r-class 1
D-10 1
D-11 1
D-18 (one on the way via a trade!)
D-32 1
D-37-class Lost Era Cruiser 1
L-18 Kang-class Frigate (WIP kitbash) 1
L-42 Great Bird frigate 1
R'ayl-class scout 1
Taj-class scout 1

Wanderer-class freighter (Blockade Runner) 1

Romulan Star Empire
Bird-of-Prey-class (TOS) 1
Capsize-class 1
Rasha-class scout 1
Starfire 1
V-11 Stormbird-class
* Type 1 1
* Type 5 2

Tholian Assembly
Battlecruiser 1
Dreadnought 1
Scout Spinner (TOS style, larger) 1
Webspinner, Type 8 TOS style) 6
Webspinner, Type 9 (STENT style) 3

Future Builds
Akyazi-class PA Akula, NCC-1090
Alexander-class BB Arminius, NCC-2563
Antares-type Freighter Antares, NCC-501
Avenger-class FG Avenger, NCC-1860
Belknap-class CS Belknap, NCC-2501
Charger-class, SC Charger, NCC-????
Christopher-class Christopher, NCC-2679
Griffin, NCC-2686
Patrick, NCC-2683
Churchill-class CB Churchill, NCC-2713
Constellation-class Constellation, NCC-1974
Constitution-class Defiant, NCC-1764
Daedalus-class Daedalus, NCC-150
Endurance-class Oberon, NCC-1880
Enterprise-class Enterprise, NCC-1701-A
Bonaventure, NCC-1845
Excelsior-class Enterprise, NCC-1701-B
Excelsior, NCC-2000
Intrepid, NCC-6311
Federation-class DN Entente, NCC-2120
Federation-class DN, Refit Dominion, NCC-2115
Gagarin-class Tereshkova, NCC
Giordano Bruno-class science vessel Jenner, NAR-1749
Hermes-class refit Absaroka, NCC-713
Ingram-class Ingram, NCC-????
Jenghiz-class DD Loki, NCC-529
Jester-class CV Hamill, NCC-2551
Knox-class Diligence, NCC-1956
Larson-class, Refit Sheridan, NCC-4463
Miranda-class Miranda, NCC-1833
Sub-class: Antares, NCC-9844
Mitannic-class Marathon, NCC-3105
Phobos-class Phobos, NCC-2786
Phobos-class Iotia, NCC-27
Shangri-La class Corsair, NCC-2589
Shanks-class CL Hunter, NCC-1419
Soyuz-class Bozeman, NCC-1941
Surya-class Argus, NCC-1888
Surya, NCC-1850

Federation Civilian
Tritium Refit April Wells, NFC-????

Cardassian Union
HaZel-class Destroyer
Galor-class Cruiser
Keldin-class Cruiser

Klingon Empire
K-23 Little Killer (scratch)
K-27 Grim Reaper (scratch)
L-24 Ever Victorious (scratch)

Interceptor 1

Romulan Star Empire
Bird-of-Prey-class, TMP Refit 1
Cracker-class 1
V-30 Winged Defender 1

Anyone else? Feel free to let your geek flag fly!
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Re: Build Lists

Postby mophius » Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:01 pm

I have a shopping list of models I want to buy. I mark them as 'got' when i have them then give them a tick when i have them all finished.

Nothing as impressive as your list but it is still quite extensive seeing as my wife doesn't know I have 90% of the ones I do have. lol
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Re: Build Lists

Postby slawton » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:16 pm

Hi, my name is Steve and I have a problem. I'm a modelaholic...

Sadly, not only do I have a list, but I have an Excel spreadsheet with graph for showing progress:

Status.png (22.43 KiB) Viewed 479 times

This allows me to plan, organize and motivate (seeing "actual" progress). The graph does not completely reflect the effort, since a "tiny" ship shows up the same as a major project. I'm posting my "in progress" & "plans" stuff as threads.
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Re: Build Lists

Postby trekriffic » Mon Oct 09, 2017 3:58 pm

I'm pretty much the opposite. I don't have that many unbuilt models, relatively speaking, so I don't see the need to keep a list. As far as an in-progress list I rarely work on more than one model at a time so, again, no need to keep a list. As far as a list of what I've completed, well, I can just look at the model shelves and see the models right there. Just don't see the need for making lists I guess.
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Re: Build Lists

Postby Griffworks » Mon Oct 09, 2017 5:29 pm

I keep lists of finished, WIP, and SRSR because I sometimes have a hard time remembering what's what in my physical inventory. Plus, when I'm talking to someone outside of my home and can't recall what all I've built, it helps me to recall details.

Plus, when I'm out and about and see lots, it helps keep me from making unnecessary purchases. Well, unless I find a $30 kit for like $10.79! :D At that point, I find it almost impossible to resist the urge to purchase it/them! :o
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Re: Build Lists

Postby el gato » Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:37 pm

Griffworks wrote:I keep lists of finished, WIP, and SRSR because I sometimes have a hard time remembering what's what in my physical inventory.

After committing the sin of unintentionally buying the same model twice (...twice, I did it with two separate subjects), I decided to make a list to help me remember what's in there. Plus it'll help with estate planning since I'm donating my the remainder of my stash to previously ID'd modelers should I die.
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Re: Build Lists

Postby Tesral » Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:11 am

Organization? No ,not really.
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