1:1400 scale USS Princeton kits now for sale

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Perhaps today IS a good day to model
Perhaps today IS a good day to model
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Re: 1:1400 scale USS Princeton kits now for sale

Postby Kratok » Fri Jul 21, 2017 4:43 am

I was among those that indicated a desire for one of yor Princeton kits. I am still planning on getting one. I've held off for a couple of reasons. Some are health related. Some are financial. Honestly, I've been hoping you would announce your Melbourne is ready Given the cost of postage from your locale to the States, I would rather have you ship a couple kits at a time, and maybe save a bit on combined postage.

But as I've said before, I am a huge fan of your builds. I am among those who would love to own a copy of your Korolev. And I try very hard to support anyone who still supports 1400 scale. So if it will help steer you away from abandoning your decision to share your builds, I'll go ahead and place an order for the Princeton this weekend. I will follow up with you in PMs.

Personally, I would shy away from preorders. There is a history of problems associated with that business model. An alternative suggestion? Since you were kind enough to reopen your photo gallery page and let us see your builds again, why not start a poll? Find out which of your builds folks would most like to own, and go with those. It doesn't ensure sales - the problem you outline is VERY common in the garage kit industry. But it at least gives you some idea of where the best chance of sales might lie. For example, there are a few that you have announced that I probably wouldn't buy - I already have nice representations of those in my fleet. But there are others you have NOT announced that I would love to have. A poll could be good, free market research.

Maybe holding off until two new releases are ready to go would also help folks some with the postage issue. Or find someone here in the States that is willing to buy limited runs of yor kit and act as a reseller. Win for you as you sell a larger quantity up front (though typically at a reduced price), win for the buyers Stateside because the lower domestic shipping costs make the kit more affordable (and hopefully thereby boost your sales).

Just a few thoughts, for what it is worth. Some alternative ways to approach the problem that may or may not be of interest to you. Not trying to tell you what you should do, other than that I do hope you will continue to release kits.

Though I do understand your frustration.

In any event, I'll be in touch this weekend. Thanks again.

Legendary LT Commander
Legendary LT Commander
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Re: 1:1400 scale USS Princeton kits now for sale

Postby paul01 » Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:39 am

Thanks for all the suggestions and feedback Gidiot and Kratok. I guess I was just venting my frustrations as I am new to this side of modelling. I certainly wasn't doing it to just drum up quick sales. I do understand that people hold offbuying stuff for a variety of reasons. I just felt a bit confused since I've received heaps of positive feedback and support over the years with my scratchbuilds. So this is what I've decided...

The Melbourne kit is still a few weeks away as I still have to mold/cast one more part and are awaiting the decals. I'll have 8 for sale. If I sell them all - great. If not atleast I'll have some spares should anyone change their mind.

After that I'll be doing the USS Buran which I will cast to order. I think that it will be the direction I will take for the forseeable future.

Whilst I will eventually start polling which other kits to sell from my photobucket album, I did want to finish the Wolf 359 series first as I have already created the masters for them.

Yes I know some of them are already available on the market but I can guarentee that mine are as closer to the original filming miniatures than anything else out there.

I think future kits beyond this series will depend on polling results. Again, thanks to Gidiot and Kratok for giving me options to consider.
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Erratic Ensign
Erratic Ensign
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Re: 1:1400 scale USS Princeton kits now for sale

Postby Amdguy27 » Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:43 pm

The Princeton I received is great, excellent detail, thank you. You can count me down for a Buran :D

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