1600 lighting RBOP

For all other scales including 1/72, 1/537, 1/650 and Studio.
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Re: 1600 lighting RBOP

Postby MSgtUSAFRet » Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:33 pm


This is looking good!

mophius wrote:Only read about them.
Putting them into practice is another matter. Which I am now learning.

Pointers are all good though. And I will also scour the other sections for threads containing lighting tips. Protector comes to mind first off. ;)

Thanks! I am honored! As you followed along in my Protector thread, you know I made plenty of mistakes so just be careful to do the fixes and not make my mistakes! :roll: :lol:

I also have a thread here of my 650 TOS RBoP build, my first lighting project, and, due to the photobucket (may they burn in Hades with EA games) money grab, I am trying to fix the broken pic links; but that will take some time.

While it may seem you are drowning in tips at the moment, I have a few more:

1. In my TOS RBoP build, I hadn't played with Fiber Optic (FO) yet and went with a different solution. I drilled and cut the holes in the hull and then covered the holes from the interior with a thin (0.010mm) piece of styrene. This helped to diffuse the light from the LED, reduced hotspots and created, IMHO, an even glow for the windows. Of course, I used Micro Industries Krystal Klear on the exterior opening of the windows to seal the holes.

2. If you already have round LEDs (5mm or 3mm) and would rather not wait for the flat LEDs, you can modify the round ones to shape; as long as you don't perforate (reduce the surrounding acrylic) all the way through to the diode. As you may have seen on the Protector, I had to extensively modify and shape the LEDs (3mm) I placed in the wings in order to get the seams to close. This also has the added benefit in that the shaping of the LED helps to further diffuse the light - less hotspots.

I'm very interested to see what you are gonna do with this build!

Stay with it! It will look awesome!


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