If you've just registered read this first

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If you've just registered read this first

Postby Xen » Thu Nov 15, 2012 1:25 pm

For those of you that have just registered, please note that up to 5 posts will need to be Admin approved before you are given normal posting and pm privileges. For more information, please see below and also read our FAQ thread. If you need to contact me offsite my email is:

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Q: I just joined, but my posts need to be "approved". Why is that?
A: When you successfully register an account you are automatically placed in the "Newly Registered Users" group. This group has certain restrictions placed upon it in an attempt to curtail spam bots and human spammers. As soon as you have 5 posts submitted and approved you will be able to post freely. We will also be monitoring the activity of people within this group. Provided you are a legit "fan" and not a spammer, you may end up being moved to the unrestricted "Registered users" group before then.

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