AST "Health check" (your 2c requested)

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Re: AST "Health check" (your 2c requested)

Post by kobayashimaru » Mon May 08, 2017 1:24 am

Howdy Xen!
I'd have to agree with most of the other folks assessments here.
AST has been relatively stable and awesome all around :D

Morale is high,
-posts per time interval across all scales have been up,
-new membership rates are continuing on up trend,
-topic and subject diversity has increased - there's a lot of different factions and Trek timeperiods now depicted by awesome model makers etc.
-off topic is year-on-year up 37%
downtime or 3rd party issues reporting has decreased year-on-year with this time last year.

and in a no-news-is-good-news tangent
no negative community incidents, flamewars or incidents of any kind,
that is something that AST-er should be proud of, it's a testament to
the awesomeness hehe.

tentative issues
the only significant issues functionally with the site in the last 12months,
have been:
phpbb 504, 508 and 512 errors.
and, the odd AST mail query issue or send delay etc.

-the 508 is from phpbb side, ostensibly throttling periodically,
-the 512 error is from logout/sessionhost ID resolve issues,
-504 causation is still intermittent and unknown.
504s tend to be around scheduled maintenance and are related to "cyber-squating" etc...

we were all tentatively considering options if those 508s,
511 and 512 errors were going to be more regular occurrences,
though that seems to be stable at this time.
I personally haven't had a 508 or 511 since late Jan '17.

Some issues were reported with difficulties accessing the site via
3rd party peripherals and mobile devices, but that is more their side than the site coding itself...
this could be more of a potential issue moving forward, if ThisWeekInTech is reliable in some of their reflections hehe.

Envisaged Future Features etc
Some folks were wondering about "Spoiler partitions" - these allow for compression of verbose posts,
or nesting of tangents etc.

Some folks were also wondering about live-stream embedding and
live-real-time communications features,
for the conventions or workshop series -
I thought that was an interesting idea, and wondered how that could be implemented,
though Vimeo etc is supported as embedding to the site. tutes etc also are supported,
so we could see a lot more activity in the "how-to" and contest guide threads.

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Re: AST "Health check" (your 2c requested)

Post by el gato » Mon May 08, 2017 6:21 pm

All's well on my end save for the pictures thing a few weeks ago. One it was fixed it's been smooth sailing.

Get well soon, Xen.
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Re: AST "Health check" (your 2c requested)

Post by Xen » Mon May 08, 2017 8:04 pm

Things that I recall were:

1) Frequent downtime, with no pattern.

2) Frequent slow load times navigating, regardless of what you are doing.

3) Image hosting problem. I never got enough that far as to check with the tech folks as to the cause.

4) Any security issues? I tend not to go looking unless someone contacts me directly.

A few important folks still have the keys to the site. I haven't had the chance to check up on all involved. RL forced my hand and I just had to hope all would be well in my absence.

I have seen some weird behavior with site stats and other things. I also know folks are far more likely to leave and not come back, than report problems with updates. That isn't a snarky comment. It's what I have done in the past if I don't feel invested in a site or community.

Having a had a look around AST the old fashioned way lately, it feels like some of the old crowd have left, and in doing so, made AST feel a bit foreign. Maybe that's just the vibe I get when seeing new names instead of the ones I've been used to chatting to when I was on here every day.

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Re: AST "Health check" (your 2c requested)

Post by RogueWolf » Mon May 08, 2017 9:40 pm

Hi Xen,

Only issue I had with the pic uploading one a few weeks ago but that was fixed in a few days. all's good on this end!
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Re: AST "Health check" (your 2c requested)

Post by Max Nex » Wed May 10, 2017 8:35 pm

the only problem with this site in the past year for me was some slow load times on a few pictures.
(of course I only have a DSL connection )
and I think Photophucket beta has a large part of the blame there ; it's a steaming load of horse poop!
other issues to consider are :
my laptop is a Toshiba (don't waste time or money on a laptop that is not Lenovo , Sony or Toshiba)
Norton Anti-virus with Norton Power eraser (good self-defence is always good)
Mozilla Firefox 52 with Adblock
(a good browser and an adblock are also highly recommended)
so a combination of technology and software might eliminate most of the problems , but not all of them :(
so my apologies if this isn't as helpful as you would have liked.

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