vacuforming and you

Tools and techniques used for preparation and assembly.
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vacuforming and you

Post by kobayashimaru » Fri Jul 13, 2018 1:02 am

Hi there;
does anyone have experience in Laminating, Fabriege/Decoupage,
and or, Vacuforming? (300-500GSM embossing vacuforming)
this is moreso "Construction" rather than "Lighting", as it forms the Endoskeleton of the model.

I first became fascinated by this from the local Scrapbooking Club and ArtistSwapCard folks,
later again by 'transparent comicbooks' etc.

I am keen to pick folks brains about embossed vaucform options for clear APEC5, APEC7 and Vellum etc.
what effects/optical illusions can you achieve?
what tips do you have for particular material-sandwiching combos?

I have been experimenting with this for a while,
and particularly with microPCBs/flexi-PCBs and 'chiral-weld/push-fit snap electronics" / "solderless electronics" in wearables...
power via wifi, and inductor-mat for internal lighting of model kits etc.
I want lighting models to be integral to how a model is made, and easy for folks who might be lighting-averse to try.

You can guess, yes, much was in learning more about the Bork Cube and Bork Unimatrix models. :lol:

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