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Postby SKO » Mon Sep 26, 2016 4:53 pm

I recently purchased an old X-Wing kit that I want to put together and paint for a friend of mine for his birthday in November. This guy always drools over my models but is more of a Star Wars than Star Trek fan and has said he doesn't have enough confidence in his skills to build one himself, so I'd like to surprise him. Plus he got me the 1/1400 Voyager for my birthday so I owe him big time :)

Anyway I'd like to properly dirty her up once she is built and painted and I'm not really experience in that area. I don't have an airbrush so I'll need rattle/hand painting advice on how to make it look grungy and burnt and dirty in some areas. Anyone have any tips for a novice on how to make an old fighter look beaten up but still tough?

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Re: Weathering/Washes/Grunginess

Postby trekriffic » Mon Sep 26, 2016 6:51 pm

You can use washes and/or pastel chalks to great effect on these Star Wars ships. There are lots of videos on the web on how to do this. Here are a few:

And a pretty good article can be found here:
"You broke your little ships."

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