Contest Rules (Updated: April 23rd)

Theme: Anything goes! Discuss our inaugural contest here! If you wish to take part in this contest please read the rules and FAQ first. This contest is closed.
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Contest Rules (Updated: April 23rd)

Postby Xen » Fri Mar 29, 2013 11:51 pm

Updates are in red. Last Update: April 23rd.

Sponsored by Multi-Verse Models

Theme: Anything goes! Any size, scale, design (canon or not), race and era is allowed. As long as it looks like it could fit in within the Star Trek universe. We place no limitations on your creativity!

Including (but not limited to):

Normal builds, kitbashes and scratchbuilds.
Starships, shuttles, space stations, figures and props.
TV, Movies, Lost era, Alternate universe or 25th century.
Federation, Klingon, Romulan or other alien races.



1) One (1) creation per member. Any scale, design, race and era (canon or not) is allowed, provided it looks like it could be used within the Star Trek universe.

2) Construction materials can be any type of kit parts (starships, planes, armor, cars, etc), in addition (but not limited) to household items, or basic materials such as foam or styrene.

3) 3D printing a physical creation (in part or in whole) is acceptable provided you own (or have the rights to use) the mesh. Proof of this will be required upon submission.

4) Entries must be new builds, and therefore cannot have been entered in previous competitions.

5) If we have enough entries, we may break this contest down into categories, but for now, all entries will be judged together. So, a starship will be judged against someone else's shuttle, and against a space station as well.

6) In order to enter the contest each participant must PM or e-mail me ( I will then give you thread creation access in the Contest Entries section, so that you can start your WIP thread.



7) Including photos/pics of your work is mandatory. The more of pics you include as your build progresses, the better. High resolution pics (1000x1000) are preferred.

8) The minimum requirements are six (6) pics. One (1) pic of parts/materials at the start, one (1) of the middle stage of your build and four (4) of your finished design. The finished build pics must include shots of the top, side, front and back.

9) Use of image editing programs to enhance your pics is allowed, but only to make minor adjustments, such as lighting. Adding "special fx" or backgrounds is prohibited.



10) Entries will be judged primarily on creativity. Technical skills will be taken into consideration but aren't as important. This is to ensure we even the playing field for modelers of all skill levels. Simply put, the more imaginative the creation, the better your chances are of winning.

11) The Judges will consist of the AST Admin staff and the contest sponsor.



12) Multi-Verse Models Gift vouchers will be awarded to the winner and runners up (top 3). These vouchers may be used to purchase any products MVM has in stock. The vouchers may also be used as part payment if they don't cover the cost of what you want. You may choose products from Star Trek and/or any other universes. If you don't see anything you really like at first you have the opportunity to wait for additional products to be released. The vouchers are valid until December 31st 2013.

13) Once the contest has ended, the contact information of the winner and runners up will be passed on to MVM. At which point they will contact you with further details.

14) 1st Prize: $80 worth of Gift Vouchers*. 2nd Prize: $50 worth of Gift Vouchers*. 3rd Prize: $20 worth of Gift Vouchers*.

*Plus free shipping to anywhere in the world!



15) Only members participating in the contest will be allowed to create threads in the Contest Entries section. Spectators may show their support by posting in the threads created.

16) Please note that for the duration of the contest all entries/content (in part of in full) must remain exclusive to the All Scale Trek site. Linking to your WIP thread here is fine. Once the contest is over, you may post your work wherever you wish.



[*] "I'm interested" / Concept deadline: Saturday June 1st

[*] Work in progress thread start date: Saturday June 1st

N.B. You may start your WIP anytime between now and Saturday June 1st. You just need to PM Xen stating your interest and I will give you thread creation access. Please note no advantage is gained by starting a WIP thread early or at the last minute.

[*] Contest build end date: Monday July 1st

[*] Judging: Tuesday July 2nd - Monday July 8th

[*] Winner and runners up announced: Wednesday July 10th



[*] Think of a cool idea for a new build.

[*] PM Xen or e-mail with your interest by June 1st.

[*] As soon as you have been given access you may start your WIP thread. You may also contact me to start your WIP thread earlier.

[*] Treat the WIP thread like a mini blog. Add pics (minimum: 1 start, 1 midway and 4 completed) and updates as your build progresses. Make the build thread entertaining, engage your "audience" and be creative with your build.

[*] Any size, scale, design (canon or not), race and era is allowed. As long as it looks like it could fit in within the Star Trek universe.

[*] You will then officially have one month of "public" build time to create something special (June 1st - July 1st). You will of course have more time if you start your build earlier.

[*] Judging: Tuesday July 2nd - Monday July 8th.

[*] Winner and runners up announced: Wednesday July 10th.

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Bear with me
Bear with me
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Re: Contest Rules

Postby Xen » Sat Mar 30, 2013 11:45 pm

Please note, all changes will be marked in red.

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