Contest: Vote now!

Theme: Anything goes! Discuss our inaugural contest here! If you wish to take part in this contest please read the rules and FAQ first. This contest is closed.
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Contest: Vote now!

Postby Xen » Wed Jul 03, 2013 1:17 am

The build deadline "officially" ended July 1st, but I gave folks until today because I knew this was the earliest I could review each entry. Now that the mini extension to the original deadline has passed, all threads have been locked.

Those that successfully completed their projects on time have been marked as "DONE!" and pinned at the top of the Contest Entries section.

The ones that ran out of time or could not longer commit to the contest are marked as "INCOMPLETE" and "WITHDRAWN" respectively.

The original plan was to have some of the admin team and the sponsor judge the top three places. However, we've had to change this due to one of the admin being busy with RL and because our sponsor MVM/Del felt it best he not be a part of the judging process.

I didn't want to go with a public vote because it's too easily rigged. So, after consulting my fellow admins and our sponsor, we decided to go with a private vote. In a nutshell, pick your top three (out of the possible nine contenders) and PM me. After that I'll add up the votes and announce the top three next Monday.

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