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Starcraft 1400 Saber-class INCOMPLETE

Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2013 3:38 am
by Bellerophon
OK, I'm in. Just a little project and the photo shows you what Step One will be.Image
This was among some models saiyagohan sold off, and now it's going to have a new life as NCC-81623 USS Da Vinci of the Starfleet Corps of Engineer books. Some putty work, repainting, and print new decals with Alps and laser printer, then put her on an appropriately decorated base.

BTW, since I am drawing up decals for this in AutoCAD so they will print out sharp and to scale, it's no problem to make other custom registries. If interested PM me. Nominal fee to cover costs, but free for people who help me find research material I need.

Re: Starcraft 1400 Saber-class

Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2013 4:50 am
by Bellerophon
I finally got going on this. Stripped the paint. Looks like it got puked on. Ewww! You can safely use all kinds of harsh solvents on resin, though.Image
Just to confirm what I expected, here's what the same stripper does to styrene. Melted about halfway though a .030" thick part in a couple minutes.Image
Stripping the paint shows the resin has countless almost microscopic bubbles. Not too worried about those, but there are a few larger bubbles to fill. But the raised and engraved details on this kit are better visible now and they are mighty fine!Image
The warp nacelles look a little crooked. The starboard pylon overlaps the lifeboats, and the port one comes out farther forward. Saiyogohan built this originally, but he didn't do anything wrong. It's made to go together this way, a beautiful fit with locating pins. Unfortunately, the perfect fit causes asymmetry. I put a piece of inner tube over the offending nacelles and broke them off using slip-joint pliers, hoping not to do any damage. I did put acetone on the joint for a while first, hoping to soften up the superglue.Image
I had to sand down the front of the port nacelle and the inner face of the starboard pylon to fix the fit issues.Image
The raised panel on the outboard side of the starboard pylon looked like it got goofed up in the master, and sticks out too far. Fortunately it's easy to remove excess material. A little quick sanding and it looks better.Image
Now it needs a little bit more cleanup, some careful measurement because it looks like the warp nacelles aren't both parallel to the ship's longitudinal axis (that could be a pain to fix!), primering, drawing decals in AutoCAD and printing them out, and a base. By Monday.

Re: Starcraft 1400 Saber-class

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2013 2:45 pm
by Bellerophon
OK, no way I'm getting this done for the contest! :oops:
I'm in the middle of the primering-filling-sanding loop that runs for a dozen or so iterations. Not just filling bubbles and scratches, but reestablishing lost detail on the saucer edge, and fixing symmetry problems that are built into the kit. And I haven't even drawn up the artwork for the decals yet.
I will continue this in the 1/1400 sub-forum, but will have to finish up after I get back from vacation.

Re: Starcraft 1400 Saber-class

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2013 5:26 pm
by Xen
Okay, I'll lock this topic and mark it as incomplete. Let me know if you want the original thread moved/copied to the 1/1400 section (or if you want to start a new one) when the time comes.