AST Fundraiser - Gorn Fleet Box - auction

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AST Fundraiser - Gorn Fleet Box - auction

Postby RogueWolf » Wed Feb 07, 2018 1:58 pm

AST Fundraiser

Several weeks back Tesral and I (on behalf of Xen) put out a plea for donations to keep the Site up and online. Due to personal reasons, Xen can no longer afford to pay the bills out of his own pocket.

Rather than keep posting asking for donations, I decided (with Xen's approval) that I would try to take over fundraising for the site.

As AST is a not-for-profit site, we want to keep it that way. Any monies from donations or fundraisers are for Host bills and site upgrades and maintenance and nothing else. Currently the site is hosted on a provider that bills AST monthly. While a lot of people answered our call for donations, when we surpassed our immediate goal, some users requested a refund, and there is nothing wrong with that. We had a need and the need was met.

But rather than wait till the last minute and go begging for donations just before the bills are due, or rather than beg for donations at all, I was thinking of some ways that might generate funds for the bills.

I had originally thought of maybe t-shirts and coffee mugs but the interest in those items seems to be very minimal at best. So for the interm, to try to get some funds going for the bills, I'm gonna offer some of my own personal stuff.

Starting bid for this gaming scale set is $20.00US

I'd like to thank Kratok for this donation.

Remember %100 of the funds go to keeping this site online.
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