ILM Studios Star Wars Chief Model Maker Award at Jerseyfest!

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ILM Studios Star Wars Chief Model Maker Award at Jerseyfest!

Postby moonlightdrive21 » Sat Jul 27, 2013 5:56 pm

Hey guys:

The Jerseyfest Model & Art Contest will feature a very special award called the "Lorne Peterson Best Star Wars Kit" award. Lorne will be at our show all weekend long and will be picking out the winning kit, which can be any completed Star Wars vehicle model kit (resin, plastic, scratch built, diorama, etc.) entered in the contest. The award is a beautiful, big, vertical standing plaque with a shimmering blue tint, which will be autographed by Lorne. He will announce the winner and hand the person the plaque during the Jerseyfest Contest Awards Ceremony. We will take a photo of Lorne handing the award to the winner so that the special moment can be captured for a lifetime for that person. As most of you know, Lorne Peterson is a living legend who was the Chief Model Maker for the Star Wars movies as well as many other blockbuster movies such as Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, etc. The contest and Awards Ceremony will be held during the vendor show on Saturday, September 14th, and will feature many other awards and prizes, including numerous awards for vehicles and mecha models. More info about the contest will be posted in the coming weeks - see all the latest here:


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