MIS Contest FAQ (Last Updated: May 22nd)

Theme: Anything goes! The build deadline for participants is October 1st. This contest is closed.
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MIS Contest FAQ (Last Updated: May 22nd)

Post by Xen » Tue May 13, 2014 6:01 am

Updates are in red. Last Updated: May 22nd.

Q: Does it cost anything?
A: No. Entry is completely free.

Q: How do I join the contest?
A: Go to the Contest Sign Up thread and simply state your interest. You will then be added to a special group allowing you access and notified accordingly.

Q: How does it work?
A: Each participant will start one "work in progress" thread. That will act as a mini blog, where you can add pictures of your build, along with commentary and a backstory. Please check the Rules thread for more information.

Q: What types of builds are allowed?
A: Out of box (what you see is what you get), Kitbashes, Scratch builds, lit builds and anything else that ends up looking Trek and cool!

Q; When does the contest start?
A: It starts as soon as you sign up. :) At which point you may start by posting the first entry of your WIP thread in the Contest Entries section Please note that the sign up / thread creation deadline is June 15th.

Q: When does it end?
A: The contest will end in October. Updates will be added to the Rules thread.


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