RC animatronic projects

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RC animatronic projects

Postby kobayashimaru » Tue May 23, 2017 3:10 pm

Howdy folks.
I am sure we've all heard of the TexasInstruments "tricorder project",
or, of Dalek fans making home-brew daleks, or star wars fans making home made Astromechs.
well, the local BoS fanclub has decided they'd like to try building a mr handy.

This project is a lot like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade blimp,
or an RC submarine or RC aircraft and light mUAV drone etc.

hypothetical mr handy enhanced view

Above: a rough systems sketch overlay, handy sketch by devart user 'orcbitc'
Mr Handy is a Bethesda and Adam Adamowicz thing.
this hypothetical is for a hobby-club, cosplay and recreational use only,
(and is to be considered a placeholder until an actual Mr Handy becomes available)

net ERoEI is crucial to a build like this,
so the first tentative prototype will be made of sealed papiermache (disguised as weathered gunmetal etc),
plastic, nitinol and a lightweight PCB (huawei or intel wafer or arduino etc).

It will be built over a homemade quadrotor, with additional motors for navigation.
for neutral buoyancy or stationkeeping, it is initially envisaged to try a helium weatherballoon beneath the papiermache exterior. running the back-of-envelope though, if it is not possible to not use light windshield wipers...
then it will not achieve neutral buoyancy. Bubblewrap or a soft lining will be between the papiermache and the balloon, just in case.
calibrated thermistors at cardinal points will detect the permeability of the balloon and monitor the helium to ensure minimal leakage or contamination potentials - we do not want helium being where it shouldnt hehe.

the arms and eye-stalks are the Animatronic folks problem,
though it's hoped they can be on-board and self-contained, and functional,
though for the prototype, they don't have to be functional.

This project should also make the "eyebot" project simpler to cross when/if we get to that.
as that would really only be the Quadrotor.

over to you;
have you built a flying animatronic drone or RC vehicle?
any ideas on how to get the arms armature to be function AND under total project weight of 2kgs?

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