L-42 Great Bird-class Frigate

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L-42 Great Bird-class Frigate

Postby Griffworks » Wed Aug 23, 2017 5:03 am

I bought this model around 30 years ago from the old Lunar Models. It was my first resin kit and meant to be a 1/537 scale KBoP from ST:III, to be to-scale with the old ERTL/AMT Refit Enterprise kit. It measures 6.5" / 16.5cm long, 8.25" / 210cm wide.

I'm basing this off of the FASA version of one of the larger KBoP's - the frigate variant. This one is meant to be 164m long by 424m wide (wings in cruise mode, tho that doesn't actually work, as it would mean that the wings should extend outward, somehow). This model comes out to pretty close to those same dimensions.

It was damaged at some point in the past while in storage. One of the wings developed a crack, and also started to separate from its hinge mounting point. I've repaired it, now need to strip it and repaint.








Giving an idea of his size next to the Scout KBoP from Federation Models, and a D-7 from Polar Lights / Round2.

I've stripped the paint and primered him, plus started putting down a base coat of Model Master 1993 SAC Bomber Green (FS 34159). More to follow, obviously.
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