1:2500 Cardassian kits are now direct buy only

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1:2500 Cardassian kits are now direct buy only

Postby OdysseySlipways » Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:48 am

as of sometime yesterday, all but the two 1:2500 scale Cardassian Rasilak kits have sold out and will no longer be offered or sold at StarShip Modeler but can still be purchased directly from me.

so sometime today (after i wake-up .... again) i'll take a stock count to see what i have on hand to offer and need to cast (if i have the molds to currently do so)

this also means i may be changing some of the prices and IF i have enough of all of them, over them in box sets with 1 of each

so in the mean time, chime in if you have any interest

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