The Starship Class Rapid Refit & Modification Program

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The Starship Class Rapid Refit & Modification Program

Post by PerfesserCoffee » Fri Aug 10, 2018 5:42 pm

I've been working on defining the "Starship Class" that I've named, in full, the "Starship Class Rapid Refit & Modification Program." The technology in the future is not as set in stone nor as long lasting as it is now what with "transporter printing" technology and the like. Super-hardened trititanium starship space frames (or "keels" if you like) of older ships could be recycled (not safely materialized like other portions of the ship) and ships of one configuration refitted into different classes.

This type of futuristic technology could help explain the vast differences in the movie refit version vs. the TV version of the Constitution class. It could also explain the differences in wide-ranging registry numbers of the STOS ships as older ships could have been refitted into newer classes. I would think the registry numbers would, by necessity, have some correlation to the time the ship was built and re-use of older frames for newer ships could account for this seeming discrepancy.

I reckon that the Starship Class program, with five year development periods, would have started c. 2220, the first ship, USS Jefferies (and based on an early drawing of Matt Jefferies NX-1001) would have been ready for active duty c. 2225 at Mk.I level of technology. With new configurations, sub-classes, coming out on a regular basis at increasing levels of technology, the Constitution class came out 2245 at the Mk.V level of technology in the form of the three-footer, the Mk.VI, of "The Cage" era would have been the original incarnation of the eleven-footer with the Mk. VIII seen on screen in the second pilot as what the ship looked like when Kirk initially took command and the Mk. IX would be the production version.

I hypothesize a Mk. X level of technology as exemplified by Franz Joseph's Dreadnought designation and then the Phase II (aborted TV series version), Refit I (first, unused movie version), and Refit II (final movie version). The Phase II and Refit 1 ships I conjecture as possibly being competing technologies that lost out to the Refit II program.

Shortly after events of the first movie, the Starship Super Class program (by which the Starship Class program was also known) would have ended c. 2275 when technology shifted significantly, the nacelles becoming much less engines than they used to be and much more just projectors of the warp field. This allowed most future refits and upgrades to be internal and not so comprehensive as to significantly change the external look of the starships in most cases. This would allow for ships such as the Excelsior class having such a long lifespan.

While the Starship Class was all about modularity, flexibility, and compatibility between different designs, the future starship building programs took a different route having the luxury of much improved technology leading to many more "one off" type designs and a much wider range of styles within the fleet.

I think a lot of the fan designs (not really so many from 2220-2245 as there are after that period) could easily fit into the program.


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